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The process of arriving at a plastic product is fascinating and extremely complex!
Why? Because a good plastic product originates in a coherent and balanced system of four domains. From the Gilde we call this system the "plastic system" and we define the domains as:
Shape & Geometry - Material - Mold - Process.
A change in one domain immediately affects other domains.

We bring knowledge and experience in all domains and that is why we guarantee manufacturable and working products and production

Part design - domain

- Product Design
- Product Engineering/Geometry
- Product prototyping

Includes themes such as:
#construction principles
#design guidelines

Material - domain

- Knowledge of plastics
- Knowledge of applications
- Decoration techniques

Includes themes such as:
#material selection
#cost calculations
#"green" materials
#characteristics and behaviour
#texture and finishing

Mould - domain

- Mould Design
- Release of moulds
- Maintenance and overhaul

Includes themes such as:
#mould concepts
#multi cavity
#feeding system
#shrinkage and warpage
#cycle time
#ease of maintenance

Proces - domain

- Trial Injections
- Process optimizations
- Simulations Moldflow.

Includes themes such as:
#injection time
#packing profile
#process window
#part quality

A simultaneous design process =
first time right!

The Gilde can properly and thoroughly represent all domains in the design process due to our knowledge and experience.

The challenges within the domains are played out simultaneously by us, and as a result, we get it right the first time!

This way we prevent clients from being not checkmate at the end, but extremely satisfied!

We guarantee to be more efficient and effective in the overall process.

  • More efficient in the design process!
    • Through early identification of risks in all domains and simultaneous resolution..
  • More effective towards the result!
    • As a result, there are no more surprises and delays at the end and the market launch can be realized faster.

*domains = Shape &geometry (product) – Plastic – Mold – Process

The 'Plastic-System'

"Let us guide you trough the complex plastic-system to the
other side".

Orienting and Defining

Get tot the heart
of the question

Speaking and sparring

Exploring motives and interests

Pointing and

Together drafting the structure and phasing

Implementing and entering

Attuned working toward the result!

From sketch design to trial series.

Together with our client Desch Plantpak-EPLA we went through the entire process in the plastic system. Together and in a short time we went from a design to a validated product, a validated mold and pilot production.

A great example of our simultaneous approach!

Customer references

"Gilde Plastic Products made us realize that there is a lot of room for improvement regarding the products that we have made at our supplier, at mold, product design and process level. This has given us a 14% dropout reduction! They also help improve our employees' knowledge through training and advice.

Alice Verdonk,
Sourcing & Manufacturing Manager, EarLOOP

"In a pleasant but above all very competent way, Guild Plastic Products supported us in the realization of new products. They know the total process and in this they took care of the mold assessment, release and realization of production molds for us."

Jan Willem Wieringa,
CEO & Managing Director Desch, plantpak

"The Gilde Plastic Products has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of injection molding of plastic parts; they really know how plastic products are manufacturable and how to produce them!

Gert Jan Drent,
Fluctus Industrial Design & Engineering Groningen

Our clients

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