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  • Are you getting stuck in product design?
  • Are you wondering if your product is fillable in a mold?
  • Are you looking for the right plastic for your application?
  • Are you wondering if your product can be filled in a mold?
  • Are you looking for new molds?
  • Would you like to have maintenance performed on your molds?
  • Do you want to deepen or refresh your knowledge around plastic products?
  • Are you looking for a guest lecturer or speaker?

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Product design

We support companies in plastic product development and engineering, loving complex issues.
Furthermore, we like to think along to improve products, for example optimizing functionality and providing advice on manufacturability at an early stage

Plastic knowledge

With our high-quality knowledge of plastics and their properties, we bring advice for any application, such as industrial, domestic or medical products.
In addition, we have experience and knowledge of sustainable plastics and know the do's and don'ts in applying recycled plastics.

Mold & Maintenance

With us, the realization of injection molds is in good hands. From the Gilde, we have a national and international network of mold makers. We provide total service and control from mold design to mold release, with excellent quality and ditto price.
We act as an independent intermediary and ensure that everything is arranged for you as expected.

How often do we hear it! "Actually we should do maintenance on our valuable molds every year, but yes due to busyness or lack of personnel it doesn't work out"
Understandable and we are happy to help and relieve you of this!

Process - Injection Molding

With our very broad network of plastics processing manufacturers, we are able to realize both small series as well as large series for you by injection molding.
In all this, we believe it is important to release both the product and the process for mass production. Only then does transfer of the validated molds to our customers take place. In this way, there is a proven and registered production process -like evidence- behind it and therefore a startup can quickly take place somewhere else.

Knowledge sessions

The field of plastic product development or as we call it plastic-system is complex and requires a lot of knowledge and experience.
For example, we support:
- companies to broaden or deepen their knowledge
- schools and students to get aquainted with the profession.

Themes we can bring are:
- The facets of the plastic-system.
- Introduction to molds and injection molding
- Insights with Moldflow analysis
- Polymers, behavior and their applications.

Practical modules:
- Practical lessons at our injection molding machine. We can even come on site with our "baby"- injection molding machine.
- Excursions to injection molding companies at home and abroad.


These are the steps to turn an idea into a product. The product provides new or different features desired in the market.

A mold is a type of cavity and is usually made of steel. This mold consists of two halves that both form the final product. Opening both parts allows the product to be taken out.

Injection molding is a process by which unique products can be made. This is done by liquefying plastic granules and pressing them together and injecting them into a mold. So each product has its own mold.

Briefly, polymers are all chemical compounds made by chemical processes. Plastic is a type of polymer that can be made into an object by heating under pressure. We call this a thermoplastic. So plastic is a polymer, but not every polymer is a plastic.

do-mein (the; o; plural: domains)

1 area in which sb. is in control

A Gilde (dutch translation for guild) dates back to the Middle Ages and was intended to share knowledge and experience as a profession and receive training in it to become a craftsman.

The Gilde Plastic Products consists of a permanent group and also works closely with partners. These partners can also become members of the Gilde!

If you are interested please contact us at +31(0) 6 376 181 34

We are independent and help companies with their challenges in the process from plastic product development to realization.

We also give lectures and classes for companies and educational institutions.

We have a very funny and educational video to watch. Enjoy watching (3:45)

No problem! Get in touch with Arjan Fennema +31(0) 6 37618134 and he will be happy to help you.

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